Our Approach

Corporate Finance and M&A Advisory

Our mission is to advise smaller middle market profitable companies with their corporate finance needs and M&A transactions.
CRESO excels in the industry through our focus on strategy formulation and alternative solution-driven structures.
With a tremendous growth rate since its inception CRESO Capital Partners continues to emerge as a leading boutique investment banking firm for US based companies and global companies & acquirers with revenues between $30mm to $550mm.

Our Story

Mezzanine Growth Capital - Preserving Equity Ownership

We target capital needs between $3mm to $15mm for growth, recapitalization, and acquisitions.  Business owners who wish to take some chips off the table, we provide alternatives that support this strategy and a Phase II growth strategy.  Companies have positive EBITDA >$2mm - $15mm.  Syndication for transactions >$15mm will be considered.

Meet the Principals

The CRESO team utilizes their diverse industry experience and
global access to provide alternatives to your capital needs,
growth strategy, and liquidity options.

Unique resources provide unique solutions and opportunities.

Thomas J Papa, Founder Creso Capital Partners

Thomas J. Papa


Thomas J. Papa has over 30 years in corporate finance and operations consulting, senior management, and marketing and sales with Fortune 500, management consulting, and investment banking firms operating in the USA, Asia and Europe.

Joe Pacis

Joseph Pacis

Managing Director

Joes Kreider: Creso Capital Partners

Jose Kreidler

Managing Director

With over 20 years experience Jose Kreidler is a senior investment banking expert. His expertise includes advising on and executing strategic initiatives for client companies in corporate finance and M&A transactions.

Joseph Pacis has been working with privately-held, equity sponsored and publicly traded middle market companies for over 25 years.  His focus has been on providing asset based lending, cash flow leveraged financing, and real estate financing for growth, acquisitions and to create liquidity for business owners.